Review of MAKE Cosmetics Matte Finish Eyeshadow and Gel Liner

MAKE's matte eyeshadow in Siberian Blue and gel liner in Heavy Metal

MAKE’s matte eyeshadow in Siberian Blue and gel liner in Heavy Metal

I had an interesting start discovering MAKE cosmetics, one that started badly (not because of MAKE) and ended fantastic (totally because of MAKE). I received my Birchbox for March and after several disappointing months (that’s a whole other blog post) I was thrilled to find I received an eyeshadow, finally some makeup! But not happy that it was a really blah light taupe color. I just don’t feel you can sample a new makeup line with a simple base color that I will build other better colors on top of. So I complained to Birchbox on their Facebook feed, along with some other disappointing issues. MAKE actually contacted me and asked me to email them, which I did not knowing what they would say since this was clearly a Birchbox issue. They offered to send me a full-sized eyeshadow in a fun spring/summer color like I originally would have liked to receive. Within 2 days I received a little package with their Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Siberian Blue, but ALSO their gel liner in Heavy Metal which is a gun-metal grey. I was thrilled and intimidated all at the same time. Here I had wished and hoped for a fun spring color but blue was a color I tend to avoid. I think it makes me think of that scene in My Girl where she is slathering on blue eyeshadow saying “A girl can never have too much blue eyeshadow”. Hello, tacky!

But nevertheless, I was excited to try especially when I did a little test on my wrist and saw how pretty it looked and it was definitely not intense on first application since it’s more of a buildable shade. So I did one eye with just a light wash of it over a neutral and a more intense smokey eye version (pictured). I loved both the looks! The gel liner is AMAZING! It glides on the eye without pulling and the color is gorg! I don’t wear black eyeliner too often because it can be kind of harsh for daytime, so I tend to stick with a Christian Dior brown, but this will definitely become a go-to eyeliner for daytime and even evening.


But if you’re unlike me and adventurous with your makeup color selections and applications then you can totally achieve an eye popping look with Siberian Blue from MAKE. So whether it’s a swash of blue, a blue smoky eye or a bold lid you want it’s completely achievable with MAKE’s eyeshadow.

I loved both products so much that I immediately went on their website at and bought a lipstick, lip brush and concealer combo (has the cream and powder to set it). They offer free shipping with a $25 purchase and you can pick from 3 samples to try. So when those come in I’ll do another review. Love MAKE! Definitely an awesome addition to the beauty market and to my vanity counter!

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