Marc Jacobs New Matte Highliner Eyeliners

Marc Jacobs has released a beautiful array of new eyeliner colors called Highliners. They are matte and glide on in a gel formula. I received this complementary from Influenster for my review. I wont write anything up that’s not amazing even if it’s comp. I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money. These are pricey at $25 each but they are an excellent product for people that enjoy a luxury makeup line. I have several other pieces of Marc Jacobs makeup and I enjoy the brand very much. The lipstick color Infamous is my go-to neutral.

Personally I will buy these when they run out or invest in more colors. I’m not a colored eyeliner girl but the lavender one they sent is gorgeous! I blended it with a little brown on top to go more subtle and just a hint of color for my green eyes. Worth the splurge!


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