Review of 310 Nutrition Shakes – Part 1

UPDATE: There is a Part 2 for 310!

This will be a multiple blog post of my journey of using 310 Nutrition Shakes in order to shed a little weight from the holidays. I’ve also included a discount code to try 310!

imageI love a good protein shake as a breakfast or lunch supplement. I have never really done two meal replacements using them. I usually buy EAS from Target in chocolate and I always thought it tasted pretty good. There’s been a lot of social media buzzing over 310 Shake recently – I’ve heard it was amazing at helping shed weight and an incredible nutritional makeup. So it’s good for you too!

So I compared the ingredients of 310 Shake against my old shake mix (EAS) and I was pretty surprised. 310 had half the carbs, no saturated fat, less than 1g of sugar, triple the amount of vitamins (sometimes five times the amount), even 30% of your daily biotin! Hello, beautiful hair! 🙂 It also had a whole list of amino acids that mine didn’t have any of. All of these things I took into consideration since I was going to be paying triple what I normally pay. But I have to say that the makeup of 310 blows away my old shake mix that I “thought” was really good for me. And now it makes me kind of go, “What in the hell was I drinking?!” It kind of looks horrible when you put them side-by-side.

imageI started one week ago and I’m still unable to fully commit to two shakes a day, every day, because let’s be honest, I’m starving! When I’ve done two shakes a day, I get pretty hungry by 2pm. And dinner isn’t until 5:30 so then I want to start snacking. I expected to be fuller for longer because I usually am with my old one. And I’ve also added the 310 Thin which is an additional supplement. It’s supposed to act as an appetite suppressant, taking one capsule twice a day. Well, if it is working than I can’t imagine what my hunger would be like without it. But I will say that when my body is burning fat and calories, I usually am ready to eat house and home. On days where I’m dieting but not really hungry anyway, I know my body isn’t burning too much. So I’m gonna work through the hunger and eventually make it consistently to two shakes a day, every day and not just sometimes. I mean my poor body went from holiday cookies and carb overload to just shakes for most of the day, so it is a big shift. Lol

So my favorite recipe is this:

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup water

1 tablet of 310 Thin opened and put in the shake

1 scoop chocolate powder

half a frozen banana

(You can also add a little cinnamon to this recipe too!)


And blend away! The taste is really good. I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to drink it in any way. In fact, it’s usually gone in the first 60 seconds. It only takes a couple minutes to make. I really like the frozen fruit in mine but if you don’t have any or don’t have time to use a blender you can use the 310 Shaker cup so you can run out the door. I personally need the ice component so if I don’t have fruit then I would just use a handful of ice. And I pour it into one of my Starbucks Venti cold cup tumblers which is the perfect size for it.

imageA second recipe that I have tried is:

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup water

1 tablet of 310 Thin opened and put in the shake

1 scoop vanilla powder

1 cup frozen strawberries

There are a lot of more elaborate recipes on the 310 site but I don’t want to get into some of them because I don’t want to add added sugars like honey. But there’s one with frozen cherries that sounds good. So look for my next 310 entry for different recipes that I’ve tried. Now, here is a discount code for you to try 310 Nutrition. You save $10 off any product order for the month of January. Chocolate is my favorite powder 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review of 310 Nutrition Shakes – Part 1

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  2. hey I started mine also one week ago tomorrow and I find that the Teami Teas are a great help in between my meals. I was told I had fibromyalgia and since I stared my teami teas I have had nothing but good results. I was getting hungry in between, but with time you will adjust. The shakes do work you just have to reprogram your brain. Im a junk food junkie and if I can do it anyone can….

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