DIY: Jeweled Heart on Canvas

My mother passed in July and I was left with more jewelry than I could ever possibly wear. There were a lot of costume brooches and several broken pieces of jewelry. So I decided to make a heart on canvas with them. It’s a special way to use some of the pieces of jewelry that I wouldn’t be able to wear and just stuck hidden in a drawer. It’s very simple.

You need the following:

8×10 canvas (or any size of your preference)

Lots of jewelry pieces.

needle nose pliers

Gorilla clear fast drying glue

imageNow you could use E6000 glue and I know that’s a preference for most crafters and I do like it a lot as well. But for this particular project, I like the clear Gorilla glue because it’s fast dryer and it really is able to handle holding up those heavy pieces of jewelry, and the last thing I want is pieces falling off over time.

I started by drawing a heart with a pencil. I used a necklace to create a clean line with the outer walls but you don’t have to do it like that. You can just use the jewelry to form the shape.


Now place your larger pieces down first so that you can build around them with the smaller ones. I wanted the cross in the center so I placed that one first.


It had a pin back AND a hook to wear it as a necklace, so I popped that off very easily with my pliers.


Once I had my largest pieces arranged and used their natural curves to make the top of the heart then I placed smaller pieces. Some I broke down even more so I can use a single stone to fill in a void. I had a bracelet with my moms name, so I tore that up so I just had the name part and placed it within the heart. It really makes it super special having her name in it. I even tore up an old Brighton watch that she wore and just included the watch face.


The finished product! Took a total of 45 minutes. Now I’m off to Hobby Lobby to get a really cool frame for it. I absolutely love it! You can easily recreate this with broken jewelry, jewelry from thrift stores, antique stores. It’s a cool way to make art.



Lego Mini Fig Display

I have a 9 year old son that loves Legos. He loves the mini figs even more than the actual sets so he has tons of mini figs. In an effort to organize the chaos, I decided to try to make him a mini fig display. I tried looking on Pinterest and all I could find were shelves and I could see those easily coming down with the shut of a door. So on a recent trip to the Lego store I filled up a tub of 8 bricks in different colors to come up with our own and it’s pretty awesome! Now, of course he needs another since this one is filled!


I filled up a tub of 8 point bricks at Lego store. It was $14.99 for the large size and I used about 3/4 of them. I alternated colors. The frame was something he used to have an old poster in and I took out. I glued the bricks right to the glass with a 99 cent tube of super glue in the dollar bin from Target. I used painters tape to keep me level. A small amount of glue across the brick locks it in place. I did leave a good amount of space between rows for things the mini fig was holding and your hand wouldn’t bump into the next row. I wanted to test the glues holding power before I posted about it. But one month later and nothing has fallen off. He uses it daily to take things off and put back as he plays. It’s a great organization, plus display for a boys rooms.

4th of July Mason Jar Craft

So I’m a TOTAL and COMPLETE Pinterest addict. I love getting inspiration on everything from home design to outfits to makeup to how to decorate for a party. I’ve seen these 4th of July mason jar crafts on pinterest for the last couple summers and have been waiting to try it. I intend on using them on my deck with tealights to add some cute summer decor. Who doesn’t love a mason jar craft?! I swear I’m ready to make vases and soap dispensers and all kinds of things. Now I’m not a hard core crafter so don’t expect perfection. I guess I’m more of the “wanna be” crafter so my stuff has flaws and it’s far from perfect. But through my trial and error, I may be able to offer some better alternatives to what I did. And, of course, you can always take this and do a different spin on it. My different spin was the monogram that I added. Us southern girls sure like to monogram everything!

The finished version

I used stand paper to gently scrap the Ball Mason letters to pop back out of the paint and LOVE how the striped one came out. It was harder to see the edging with the navy and since I applied so many layers of paint to the stars trying to correct my previous mistakes it pulled hunks of paint off the stars instead of light scrapings. But if you did white paint first (like I recommended above) then when you scrape the navy the white would come through and that would be a better effect. I trimmed the stars jar in a red glitter ribbon and finished it off with a wooden B that I painted with the silver glitter paint.