4th of July Mason Jar Craft

So I’m a TOTAL and COMPLETE Pinterest addict. I love getting inspiration on everything from home design to outfits to makeup to how to decorate for a party. I’ve seen these 4th of July mason jar crafts on pinterest for the last couple summers and have been waiting to try it. I intend on using them on my deck with tealights to add some cute summer decor. Who doesn’t love a mason jar craft?! I swear I’m ready to make vases and soap dispensers and all kinds of things. Now I’m not a hard core crafter so don’t expect perfection. I guess I’m more of the “wanna be” crafter so my stuff has flaws and it’s far from perfect. But through my trial and error, I may be able to offer some better alternatives to what I did. And, of course, you can always take this and do a different spin on it. My different spin was the monogram that I added. Us southern girls sure like to monogram everything!

The finished version

I used stand paper to gently scrap the Ball Mason letters to pop back out of the paint and LOVE how the striped one came out. It was harder to see the edging with the navy and since I applied so many layers of paint to the stars trying to correct my previous mistakes it pulled hunks of paint off the stars instead of light scrapings. But if you did white paint first (like I recommended above) then when you scrape the navy the white would come through and that would be a better effect. I trimmed the stars jar in a red glitter ribbon and finished it off with a wooden B that I painted with the silver glitter paint.

One thought on “4th of July Mason Jar Craft

  1. Very cute! I love mason jar crafts too! I’m getting ready to do a tutorial in a couple of days with a shabby-look mason jar sconce

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