Marc Jacobs New Airblush

Marc Jacobs has launched a new Air Blush that comes with the claim it lasts for 24 hours! If you wear makeup as much as I do you know that blush is usually the first to go, faded to non-existence after a few hours of wear. I did not wear it for a full 24 hours but this is what it looked like after 9 hours of being the in Texas heat. That means 100 degrees and a 110 heat index, 100% humidity.


This is in the color Kinks and Kisses. It retails for a whopping $42 at which is a steep price for blush. But I will say this it does give you a good amount of product, coming in at .282oz.

One side is a lighter pink and the other is a peachy color. You can swipe your brush across for a custom blend or focus on one side for a stronger pink or peach tone. It is very buttery soft, little to no kick off, and very pigmented. I also like the luxury feel to the compact. It is large shiny black compact with a large mirror.

I received this for my review, so I did not buy it. But I would buy it. In fact I’d like at least one other….Lush and Libido is one I’d like to buy. The staying power justifies the price for me.


Dr. Brandt Needles No More

Just the name alone can stop a woman in her tracks…No More Needles? Botox in a jar? No high price for a smooth face? So of course I tried it. I also “tried” my hand at filming my review since it was rather in-depth. Let me just say, I suck at YouTube. I don’t have the right lightening, microphones, or backdrop. Hell, I didn’t even turn the camera the right way. So I apologize for all of that. But….it is an honest review. Products that I bought and paid for with no affiliation to the brand.

Having said all that, the long and short of it is it did absolutely zero for me. My lines are fairly minor. I’m 36 and have had botox a few times so we’re not dealing with deep wrinkles. I used it AM and PM, along with the morning moisturizer and evening moisturizer and it did nothing. I w0uld not recommend it. I would recommend you save that $100+ that you would spend on these products and put it towards a needle full of botox. Needles No More? I say bring me the needles!!! lol

Taking Down Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been a YouTube star for a relatively short period of time but his “star”dom has risen fairly quickly. His over the top style, makeup, and general persona have caught a lot of interest. Recently he’s launched into his own makeup line that has received rave reviews by fellow YouTubers. His liquid lipsticks are known to sell out as soon as they’re launched and his new eyeshadow palette has been highly sought after…..until now.

Watching your favorite YouTuber take a spiral down the “pay me to say anything” hole has been happening more and more frequently. It’s hard to know who to trust. You watch someone with millions of followers say something is amazing, buy it, and find that it’s actually garbage. But the pay-for-good reviews is happening more and more, and it seems no one wants to really be honest about how a product is performing and risk being blacklisted by that brand. Until now. Stephanie Nicole is quickly becoming the go-to reviewer that tells it like it is, and more times then not, she tells you its crap and she’s right.

Stephanie has recently posted a very long and blasting video regarding the character of Jeffree Star. I want to share it because it’s truly insightful. It definitely was eye opening. And it really draws awareness to who we support, whether it be by watching a video, buying a product, or just liking/subscribing. I will not be supporting JS products, his videos or anything to do with his brand. I liked Jeffree Star until I saw him smoking pot in the his videos. I think it sends a horrible message glamorizing drug use. So many teens look up to him, and watch his tutorials. But that aside, there is much worse things about his character that Stephanie Nicole brings to light. She shares actual video footage/tweets/messages of his antics, and violence against women.

Vicks Sweet Dreams Humidifer

Cold and flu season is officially here! I’m excited for them to try out the new humidifer from Vicks. It is cool mist so I don’t have to worry about them putting their hands near it and getting burned. It has little packets that will emit scents to help get them to sleep or congestion. But the real plus is the cute animals it projects on the ceiling. So cute!



Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Review

A couple of months ago the teasers came out for the new holiday Hourglass Ambient Edit palette. I was one of the first to order it when it came out on Sephora, as part of my “makeup revamp, so let’s spend a fortune”. I don’t normally wear powder. My 36 year old skin doesn’t do well with it. They say once you’re in your 30s that powder is not really a good idea because it shows wrinkles by settling in, and that seemed the case for me with every one I’ve tried.

Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Edit-Palette-526On my research quest I found that Hourglass was unique in offering powders based on the most flattering lights. Dim Light (first one-top row) seems to be the most popular. It’s supposed to give a dewy glow to the skin, lighting from within. Well, sign me up for whatever that is! I had never tried Hourglass so I liked the idea of 6 different products in one – 3 powders, 1 bronzer and 2 blushes.

As they arrived the reviews were pretty negative. Not that the product was bad but the value wasn’t there and it was too small for brushes. The palette is $80 and it’s a $48 value based on price per ounce. But I believe when you’re getting multiple products in one that that also offers value so I was still excited for mine.

hourglass_ambientedit011I, however, had no trouble getting a brush in. I use a Viseart blush brush that works perfect, I use a big fluffy eyeshadow blending brush for the lighter powder that is supposed to go well under the eyes as a concealer and setting powder and I use a kabuki for the bronzer and big fluffy brush that I mush a little to fit in the two powders. I don’t have any problems using it with brushes that I already owned. This is great for travel too; having 3 products in one compact.

hourglass_ambientedit003I love everything about this palette and I’m using it daily. I used to only use Nars Orgasm blush and it’s now been replaced by these two blushes. One is more pink and the other more plum. The bronzer is perfect for my light skin, gives it a soft bronze glow. I love all the powders, but some more than others. The center pink shimmery powder is exclusive to the palette, called Iridescent Light. It is more shimmery than the other two. I have plans on buying Dim Light in the full size. I like that powder the best and I feel like I will go through that one fairly quickly, so I want to save whats in this palette for traveling.

Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Edit-Palette-532I have very dry skin and I’ve heard some people complain it enhanced that. I do not see that at all. All I can think is maybe they’re not moisturizing their skin before applying makeup. Because my skin is like the desert and requires a lot of moisturizer so if I’m ok with it then everyone should be. And I’m happy to say I can finally wear powder again without it enhancing wrinkles. It really gives you a beautiful glow to your skin. I’ve definitely become a fan of Hourglass after this palette. Retails for $80 and Sephora is having a VIB 20% on November 13-16, 2015 with code VIB20 so you can get it for $64!

Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eyeshadow Quad Review

My makeup bills have quickly shot up lately and I don’t dare add them up. It was a necessary evil though as I felt my makeup was getting boring and my looks stale. I love makeup, but I don’t love makeup enough to have 50 palettes and 100 lipsticks and every new thing that comes out. I like quality over quantity. Yes, I own about 12 YSL lip stains but then I only have a few other lipsticks and that’s it.

So 3 months ago I started doing a lot of research into new makeup to see what was good and worth the investment to revamp my style. I fell into Tom Ford simply from a perfume sample that came in my Sephora order. It was Tom Ford Noir and I loved it, and I bought it. I had never strayed from what I believed was my signature scent, Burberry Classic. I knew Tom Ford recently went into makeup and had even pinned some lipsticks but $52 seemed like a lot at the time.

So I started looking into Tom Ford quads. At $80 each it’s a big investment. Is it worth the price? Yes, I found out. I watched a lot of videos, swatches and first bought Silvered Topaz (will review separately). I loved it. So when I went to buy a second one I kept seeing that Cocoa Mirage was their best seller. I quickly dismissed it because it looked sooo boring. Just some browns, mostly matte. But it kept popping up and I kept seeing videos and liking the results. One of the things I was also trying to get away from was always doing bronzey shimmers, basically anything with glitter. I needed mattes. I lacked those greatly, so I drank the kool-aid and bought cocoa mirage.

imageFrom the onset it looks just like plain browns but it’s more than that. You really do get what you pay for when you buy Tom Ford. If you’re like me, I have super sensitive skin, as well as my eyes. Any little fall out makes my eyes go red and irritated. Tom Ford literally has no fall out. They are creamy and buttery. You can apply them lightly or heavy for my dramatic looks. So with four simple colors you can do endless looks. I’m enjoying trying more matte looks, but I have to say that one shimmer brown in the quad is a real winner. Sometimes I just wear that on the lid for a simple smoky eye and it builds up really nice. It is a coppery brown with just the right amount of shimmer. Temptalia ranked it an A and I agree. Cocoa Mirage is not boring. It is a high quality quad that has many looks and is amazing quality to justify the price.

imageI swipped about three times and you can see where the edges of the swipe are lighter and the center more bold. So you can see how the color builds up nicely.

Scentbird Perfume Subscription

I love this new monthly subscription company that is all about trying new perfumes. It is for both men and women and it’s called Scentbird. For $14.99 a month you receive a 8ml bottle of designer perfume. And for my followers you can use code Coco25 and get 25% off your first months subscription! So you take a quiz that helps you narrow down your preferences, you also insert your favorite brands, perfumes you’ve liked in the past and it gives you a list of perfumes that would be good for you to try based on the information you entered.

imageNow my biggest issue with perfume is I’m allergic to a lot of them — too much floral gives me a blinding headache. I wasn’t sure this avenue of finding a perfume was going to work because of it. I chose more “fruity” and “spicy” perfumes rather than “floral”. I did the quiz and set up and it lead me to try Gucci Guilty and I LOVE IT! There are over 350 scents to choose from……Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Bvlgari, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Chloe, Coach….and the list goes on and on.

imageYour first month’s subscription gives you this cute little black case that twists to push the bottle up and down. The vial slides in and out of the black case. An instruction card is included. You rate the perfume after you’ve tried it and it gives you new options. You add the ones you’d like to try to your perfume queue and they select a new perfume each month from your list. The size is perfect for traveling and it’s cheaper than the rollerballs you buy at Sephora and Ulta.

Tom Ford is next on my list to try! And this is going to make my life so much easier with TSA on my next vacation. 🙂

My Adventures in Color Running

imageSAVE $5 OFF REGISTRATION BY USING CODE HOUSTON1— A few years ago a friend of mine told me about this 5k where you get color thrown at you. I was deeply into doing 5k’s at the time trying to improve my time (trust and believe, I’m no hardcore runner but I was trying). I was used to the traditional, pay your $25, here’s your t-shirt, here’s your number, there’s the start line, now GO! You try to run as fast as you can, or walk as fast as you can, they tap you in at the end, give you a time and hope it’s better than your last one. The most adventurous I had come to a 5K was a Halloween themed one so you wore a costume as you ran. The idea of being doused in a rainbow while running? YEEEESSSSS! Then a month later I found out that for the first time The Color Run was coming to Rochester, NY. I participated in it twice in New York and this year it’s coming to Houston in October.

So here are my adventures in Color Running!

imageKids are welcomed and encouraged on the race! Which I think is awesome. I’ve always done the race with my daughter. The first time she did it she was 9 years old. But I see much younger kids running it or sitting in strollers while their parents push them. This is not an ideal choice. If you’re covered in powder, so is that stroller. I wouldn’t even want to tackle cleaning a stroller after the race or putting that nasty thing in my car. Lol! One of my favorite pre-Color Run activities is doing a rainbow mani. So each nail has a different color.

imageThe day before the race you are allowed to come and pick up your packet with all your items in it. You can pick them up on the day of the race but it’s better to have everything done the day before. One of the items is tattoos, so it’s easier to put those on at home before you leave.

imageCostumes are also welcome for the race. I’ve seen people dressed as unicorns and Elvis. The most popular is the tutu. Color Run also sells tutus but I like making my own. The Color Run is the most expensive 5k I’ve ever done. It’s double the price of most 5ks. But it’s worth it. You get a large bag of swag for the race – you get a very cute, soft t-shirt and that’s what most people wear for the race. It is the cutest 5k shirt I’ve ever seen and its not the scratchy cotton shirt other races usually give out. You also get a cotton headband, a number, tattoos, a rubber wristband, and your color packet for the end of the race. I like wearing a long sleeve shirt because it’s less mess to scrub off my arms later on. I also buy the Color Run bandanas because they’re super cute. But also it’s nice to cover the hair line because powder at the scalp is not fun scrubbing out later.

imageAt my first Color Run race they gave you your powder packet when you picked up your shirt and number. The problem with that was you had to then carry it around and have it through the race.

imageIt also made people want to open it before the end. The concept was you have it, do the race, and then at the finish line throw it. The second year they just passed them out at the finish line…good idea. They’ve also added in medals to everyone that cross the finishing line. That’s cute, especially for all the kids. Unlike other 5k’s there is no timing, you don’t know your final time unless you’re using an app on your phone to track your distance and pace (which is what I do).

The race starts at 8am, people are lining up about 15 minutes before. If you don’t want to stand and wait then you want to be as close to the front as possible, because here’s how it’s different. On a normal 5K, the horn sounds and every goes. Not at the Color Run. They allow people to go in waves, like groups of 100 and then 3 minutes goes by and another wave is let go.

In Houston, they are now allowing a “runner wave” so if you’re into running the whole thing, you get to go first and then all the “walkers or run/walkers” go in at additional waves. The reason is so that not everyone is clustered together throughout the race and through the color stations. The first time I waited 45 minutes to finally “go” and I hated it. The next year I was in the second wave so didn’t have to wait at all. They have DJs gearing up the crowd waiting to start and they throw free Color Run swag into the crowd.

imageThe Color Run has “color stations” throughout the race – usually about 5 different color stations along the way.


imageYou enter that color zone to have about 5-10 people throwing color at you. You can opt to stay in the middle more and run through for less color, or basically, stop, spin around, stand there and welcome to be covered in it. I’ve seen some people walk along the outsides of the color station so they don’t get colored. I’m not sure why you would do that, but I’ve seen it be done. It seems a little like baby powder and it will make you cough a little. I used my bandana to cover my face sometimes. I’m told it’s organic plant powder so not dangerous to inhale.

imageimageI highly recommend doing the race with friends. If you have a team of 4 or more it also saves money off the registration price.

imageBe careful of your cell phone. Some people put it in a plastic bag to save it from the powder but then you can’t take pictures along the way. My phone has been covered in the powder each time and nothing bad happened to it.

The Color Run has some amazing photo stops. They have signs at the start of the race and along the race that you can’t help posing in front of. They do have professional photographers that take pictures before, after and during the race. You can search your race number (don’t lose your bib) afterwards and see if they caught you. They usually get everyone at least once. And then you can purchase those pictures.

imageimageThere’s almost a euphoric effect that comes with doing the Color Run. It’s just FUN. I’ve enjoyed it with my daughter every year, and I want to bring my younger daughter who’s 6 this year to do it. I highly suggest covering your car seats for the drive home. That powder goes everywhere! Also having baby wipes in the car is nice for hands and faces and they’re disposable.

Do you want someone who looks like this climbing in your car for a ride home?? I think not. Trash bags, towels are great seat coverings.

imageJust be prepared that when you come home, no one wants to let you in the house! Lol

imageIt is not the easiest to get off. There are definitely some scrubbing involved. I usually wash my hair a couple of times. And if it’s concentrated in the scalp, you might need another wash. And be prepared to sneeze a rainbow for about 12-18 hours later.

But is it worth it? Absolutely! The Color Run is the most expensive 5K I’ve ever done and worth every penny. Kids are welcome. Friend teams are fun. There’s no stress in running or being left behind because you’re a walker. Most people are walking. And if you’re like me, you run some and walk some. Have fun! Stop and take some funny pictures! And just laugh! It’s worth it just for the two hours of laughter.