Rocksbox Monthly Jewelry Subscription

Rocksbox is this great jewelry service that will send you three pieces of jewelry based on a style survey you complete. Each box is curated specifically towards you and what you like to wear. You wear them, return them when you’re done and they’ll send you three more pieces out. You also have your own personal wishlist that you can add items to, so they know exactly what you’d like to try out. I’ve kept boxes they’ve sent me for four weeks and some four days. I’ve received some amazing Kendra Scott pieces in my Rocksbox at discount prices. So if you like what you receive they will sell it to you at a discounted price. They also give you a $10 credit each month to go towards the jewelry you want to keep in addition to the discount. So keep it or wear it and return it.

I think the best thing is that it gives you a chance to change up your jewelry without committing to buying it. Sometimes I buy jewelry thinking it’s a great piece and wear it a few times and then I’m bored and it never really sees daylight again. So this way I can wear my Rocksbox jewelry a week or whatever and then send it back for a whole different set of options.

Rocksbox has been kind enough to extend a free month to all my readers! Just use code “cocoforbeautyxoxo” to get a free month of jewelry.

Here are a few pictures of boxes I’ve received and also how I styled a few of the pieces.


imageThis Lauren Hope necklace was such a beautiful color! I didn’t keep it but it was fun to “borrow” it for a couple of weeks.

imageimageThis CC Skye necklace I kept and I wear it almost daily. CC Skye is this amazing edgy jewelry designer. I have a pair of her earrings on my wishlist right now.

They try to taper each box so the pieces work together. In this picture I was sent the earrings, necklace and cuff in one box and it all worked beautifully together. This Lauren Hope cuff I ended up keeping.

rocksbox rocksbox1 rocksbox2

Essie Fall 2015 Nail Polish Line

It’s over 100 degrees every day here in Texas. I’m loving beach days but I am ready for fall, my FAVORITE season. It’s almost time for “pumpkin everything”! I’m missing my dark nail polishes, so it was exciting to see the new Fall 2015 Essie Collection. When is it available? Now! Ulta has the entire collection available online and if you spend $17 on nail polish you get a free top coat! I went on a nail polish spending freeze about 8 months ago (well, I did buy maybe one bottle but that doesn’t count) in order to clear out and actually use what I already have. Essie is my favorite polish brand, so at least 70% is all Essie. I’ve cleared out a good dozen bottles of polish over this time so I have room for new ones.

I’m liking “Leggy Legend” which is a copper/gold depending on how it hits the light. I also like “in the lobby” which is a purple that looks a little matte. And “bell-bottom blues” is a really pretty shiny blue tone.

essie-fall-20151You can purchase these now at Ulta!

MacKenzie Childs Barn Sale – July 16-19, 2015

The dates for the 2015 MacKenzie Childs Barn Sale have been announced! Thursday, July 16, 2015 through Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 8am till 6pm.

pic1Living in upstate NY it was hard not to fall in love with MacKenzie Childs, you either saw it in exclusive shops or you saw knockoffs of people trying to replicate it. Either way, I fell in love with the courtly check pattern. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with the black, white and red.

For years I had heard about the infamous Barn Sale held in Aurora every year, which was only an hour drive from where I lived. I missed several years of being able to attend because of the horror stories I heard of hours and hours of long lines just to get in. People come Wednesday and camp out overnight just to be the first to enter at 8am Thursday. And then you would be faced with hours and hours of lines to pay.


pic2Finally in 2013 I decided I was going to go and was ready for the long lines. I picked a Friday around noon to go and it also happened to be the hottest day of the year, which I guess worked in my favor because there was NO LINE. I walked right in. And was shocked to see how organized everything was. They have everything under tents organized by outdoors, enamelware, ceramics, holiday, glassware, furniture, etc. I was amazed how everything flowed so easily. I expected Black Friday “like” craziness and it was nothing like that. They have probably 25 registers and it works like a well oiled machine.

pic9pic8I went again in 2014, again on a Friday, but it was not the hottest day of the year and everyone was there. I waited in line to enter about 2 hours. But I understand the line. You can only have so many people shopping otherwise you can’t shop, you can’t move, you can’t see anything, and it’s a hazard. I brought water with me. But they also have someone going down the line with a cart to sell water and other drinks. They also brought out chairs for some of the older people that couldn’t stand for so long. There are port-a-potties set up outside in case you need them. It’s nice to go with friends but you’ll certainly meet people in line. People come from all over the country for this sale and it’s definitely worth it for the deep, deep discounts.

pix1Last year, I scored a lot of the same things as in 2013, half price courtly check bowls and plates. And more frames at 50-60% off. And….my most coveted item, the Piccadilly Beverage Hostess. It retails for $375 and the barn sale had it for $140!

picIn general you can expect to save 50% or more. Every day they also offer a particular category (ie outdoor, holiday) at an even deeper discount.

Please keep in mind that all Barn Sale purchases are final sale. I would also recommend a tour of the Farm House while you’re there, which stays open during the Barn Sale weekend. Formal tours are not given but you are welcome to walk around and tour the house on your own, which is done entirely in MacKenzie Childs. The master bedroom is truly incredible where several artists spent weeks painting the walls in courtly check.

pic7pic8The kitchen reminds me of something you would have in Barbie’s Dream House.

pic5pic6Is the MacKenzie Childs Barn Sale worth the hours of waiting in line? Yes! People come from all over the country to attend and save a lot of money. Now that I’ve moved to Texas in the last few months, I see myself as being one of those “out of staters” shopping the sale. So if you’re only a few hours drive from there and you haven’t gone because of the long lines don’t waste another year and go! I know a lot of people who lived in upstate NY all their life and LOVE Mackenzie Childs and haven’t gone because of horror stories they heard. It’s not that bad. You’ll survive and you’ll save a ton of money on your favorite pattern! So relax, slap on a pair of courtly check glasses and have fun!


Lilly for Target + Essie Nail Polish

Have you seen the new (I mean old) line of nail polishes by Essie that were released as “Lilly inspired” shades to match the clothing. Before you run out to ebay (who knew they were the third partner in the Lilly for Target collaboration) and spend double, please know that these are NOT new shades based on Lilly Pulitzer prints but old colors with a “Lilly for Target” paper tag attached to the bottle. Did they think no one would notice? I’ve had Borrowed and Blue for a good two years. And Golden Nuggets I bought a few months ago on clearance at Ulta for I believe $3. I feel like people are being taken advantage of with this whole Lilly + Target collaboration. essieI would NOT suggest going to Poshmark or ebay and buying these nail polishes that are listed between $14 and $20 each. It would have been fun if they would have had a real selection of Lilly Pulitzer polishes. Or if they wanted to use old colors then maybe a cool Lilly printed bottle. But if you want those colors, just go to and type in the names and they are listed as “in stock” and buyable for $8.50 each minus the Lilly for Target paper tag. I just tested that out on the Essie website. And if you really like blue, I suggest Bikini So Teeny by Essie. It’s a beautiful light blue, and in my opinion, better than Borrowed & Blue. Here are a list of the colors that you can shop for on Essie that were part of the collaboration: Forget Me Not Mesmerized Borrowed & Blue Golden Nuggets Pansey Baby’s Breathe First Timer

How to Score the Items You Most Want from Lilly Pulitzer


We’ve waited patiently for months and the time is here! We are mere hours away from The Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch. But how do you score those items you most covet? Here is a game plan to help you nab those must have items before they sell out.

1. If you are planning a large haul of LP (meaning you nearly want every piece) then I suggest both online AND in-store shopping. Insiders are saying it will launch online sometime between midnight and 2am central time. Stores open at 8:00am and EVERY Target WILL have LP but they will not have all pieces.

2. If you’re only doing in-store shopping then get up early and check online the pieces you most want because then you can check to see what Target will have those items by clicking the “check in store” button. Once it launches online that function will be available. Because even though all Targets will have LP, you don’t want to show up hoping for a maxi and wind up with some bobby pins.

3. If you’re shopping online, go ahead and sign in, grab a glass of wine and wait patiently for the collection to launch. When I say “Sign in” I mean actually sign in to your account. Don’t have one? Then sign up beforehand, make sure your address is current, your credit card is saved and you’re ready to go.

4. Shopping online – narrow down your MUST HAVE pieces and write them down beforehand so you can go directly to them, put them in your basket and purchase. Go back for the second round of purchases or three or four, but don’t have them sit in your cart only to disappear as soon as you’re ready to checkout because you’re still casually cruising the collection. Cruise the collection now and get ready to be quick.

5. LP for Target is supposed to be available until May 31st but we all know it will be gone quick.

6. Stores open at 8am but I suggest being there an hour before to get the items you want the most. Please be aware that unlike previous launches, all the items will not be lumped together but spread throughout the store in their appropriate area. So if you want the hammock then you should be in the outdoor section.

7. Plus Sizes will be online only.

8. Online shoppers will be limited to five of any one item.

Good luck! Have fun! And I hope you score your most coveted Lilly Pulitzer items!

Restoring an Old Steamer Trunk

In December I was doing a little antiquing with a friend when I stumbled on a really great find….an 1895 steamer trunk for $60. It was in really good condition. Most trunks you find have to have the canvas removed because it’s in such bad shape, which leads to many many hours of removal. This trunk’s canvas was in good condition and didn’t need to be removed. Now, I’m a huge fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and love doing something fun with antiques but I really wanted to stay true to this trunk. So if you’re looking for that look there are many other blogs about restoring with chalk paint. I just wanted to enhance its beauty to a more original state and not do anything that compromised its original look. It took me about 4 weeks to finish it. And here are some of my tips and tricks. Here is the BEFORE shot… imageThe first step was to remove all the old wallpaper that was on the inside. The old paper was making the inside smell terrible too. The wood underneath the paper was in beautiful condition. But this was the hardest part of the restoration. I don’t know how many hours I spent scrapping paper out of it. All you need is a water bottle and scraper. Spray the water, let it sit for about 30 seconds and then scrape. Sometimes you’re lucky and it’ll come off in big pieces but mainly its a lot of little pieces to remove. image image image imageI was lucky to not have to remove the canvas but there were some noticable rips on the inside lip. I used a razor and just trimmed it to give a more clean appearance. And then I was just going to stain that inside lip the same as the interior. imageimageimageNext I sanded all of the wood on the exterior of the trunk. It had some leftover varnish that I wanted to remove. I did not sand the interior since it was raw unstained wood and didn’t need it. Here are some pictures from that process. image imageI also spent some time gently sanding the lock on the trunk that had a pretty heavy covering  of rust. It’s an amazing old lock. One of the things I’d like to do later is get a key that fits it. There are several websites online that will sell you old keys. imageNext I used a black paint to paint the metal on the sides. It was pretty banged up and the new paint really helped. This top corner is with the paint versus the other portions you see. I tapped off so you didn’t get black on that beautiful wood. imageimageimageNext I took a black craft paint and a brush and basically “dry brushed” it onto the canvas. This trunk had white paints marks on it from someone storing it in a bad location. And the canvas was a little dull in color. I didn’t want to soak my brush in paint and apply, just a little bit on the brush and brushed, brushed and brushed. Just to give it an enhanced color. Here is a picture of one side dry brushed and the other not. You definitely see how it helps enhance the canvas without completely painting it. You can see from the tiny bottle of craft paint and how little I applied to my brush basically what I’m referring to by dry brushing. Make sure your exterior has been cleaned with hot soapy water before you do any painting to remove all dirt and debris. imageimageimageOne very common problem with trunk restoration is the leather handles are broken off. I mean it is 120 years old, those straps definitely had done all they could do! Lol! It’s very easy to order replacement handles online. I found mine for $15 for the pair and they’re real leather. You can research your trunk and find which handles are appropriate for yours since there are a lot of different style and color handles. imageimageNext thing was to stain the wood on the interior and exterior. I used a Minwax wood stain with varnish, all in one in a medium brown. I brushed and wiped. It took two coats. imageimageThis picture really shows the before and after on the exterior slates. The stain really made it beautiful. imageThe interior looks absolutely gorgeous! imageNow here’s a side-by-side of before and after. It makes me appreciate the hard work I did in scrapping off that old wallpaper.

One final touch I did was getting a stenciling kit and did the initials of me on one side and my husband on the other. I did not want it to appear perfect but like some old stamping. This piece was done to go in our bedroom to store extra blankets and bed linens. I’m really proud of how it came out. I definitely would like to do it again and maybe do something fun with chalk paint next time. trunk imageimage

BOGO 50% off Target Sandals! Here are my picks…

Last year this was “the” shoe on Instagram. It sells out fast and everyone is always desperate to get a pair. It is only available online too. I have to say it lives up to the hype. They’re cuter in person, very comfortable, and I don’t find that the glitter falls off. And they’re back this year! Grab a pair before they’re sold out again!

imageI love when Target has BOGO for sandals especially when I’m looking out my window and seeing mounds of snow! But it makes me hopeful that warmer weather is coming. And right now with the BOGO it is also free shipping on orders over $25. So two pairs shipped free for about $35. Can’t beat that!

Here are my picks for spring and summer sandals from Target. This first pair “the Belinda” is my favorite! It looks just like the JCrew sandal from last year that sold for about $250. I’m super excited about these!




FREE Jewlry from Rocksbox! Use Code: Cocoforbeautyxoxo

I’m excited to have partnered with Rocksbox to give my blog readers a FREE month of jewelry! Use code: cocoforbeautyxoxo at checkout. It’s a $19 monthly box service where they send you 3 pieces of jewelry based on a style quiz of your personal preferences. Like only statement jewelry? Only dainty pieces? Or maybe a mixture of both? Your profile curates all of that for you so you get pieces that are picked just for you by a stylist. They even have a wish list where you can add pieces that you would like to see in your box. My first box had two of my wish list items! They have Kendra Scott, Lauren Hope, House of Harlow, etc.

So you get three pieces and you can wear them as much or as little as you like and then return them when you’re done and they’ll send you another three pieces. Fall in love with one or all of them? Then you can keep them at a discounted rate and you even get a $10 a month credit towards any piece you may want.

I love this concept because I get excited about a new piece of jewelry, wear it for a few days, and then it’s put in a box somewhere until I fall in love with something else I see. This is an excellent way to get to wear a lot of new pieces on loan instead of committing to buying them.rocksbox1

Recipe: Italian Naan Bread Pizzas

imageI make homemade pizza once a week and everyone loves it. But it is exhausting making my own dough and standing in front of a 485 degree oven, so these pizzas are my easy fix at something my family will love and I can make in minutes.

You start with a package of Naan bread. I buy mine at Wegmans in the family pack. I lay out a piece of tin foil just to make cleanup easier. So here’s what you’ll need:

Naan Bread

Fresh Buffalo Mozzerella

Fresh Basil

Bruschetta (or you can make your own)


Fresh Garlic

Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Simply spread your bruschetta topping over the Naan bread. I use a mix that is already made up on the olive bar at my grocery store but you could make your own. It’s just chopped tomatoes and olive oil. Then slice up your fresh buffalo mozzarella and lay it on. Top with fresh garlic and artichoke and scatter your fresh basil. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. When it comes out do a swirl of balsamic vinegar reduction and serve. Enjoy!

Target gets Major Backlash in Social Media over Lilly Pulitzer Collab


When Lilly Pulitzer was announced as the next designer collaboration for Target, I was ecstatic. I thought the April launch was perfect for helping me score some amazing printed pieces for spring and summer. But I might have been part of the few people that were happy about it. And that was truly shocking…

Like I’ve said a dozen times I’m a southern girl living in NY, but still am very true to my southern roots. So I know that a cute LP dress and pearls is a southern girl staple. The prints scream southern sorority girl, high class, elegant, lovely and very expensive. So to think I can get some LP at a lower price point is totally awesome. I, apparently, am part of the few that think so.

There’s been several things that have plagued this collaboration since it was announced: One, that Lilly Pulitzer is the next designer for Target. Two, that Lilly Pulitzer is offering plus sizes. And three, that the plus sizes are only being offered online. What else will be next?

Social media was in a firestorm this week. Here are some of my favorites:

“Lilly Pulitzer is rolling over in her grave”

“Great, now basics will be wearing Lilly Pulitzer”

“This is what happens when the founder dies and ignorant people are left in charge”

“Lilly Pulitzer is built off class and now you’re declassing it with it being associated with Target.”

“Great, I just spent $250 on a dress that will now sell for $40 to some randoms.”

I was pretty shocked that people would be so crazed and appalled by it. Isn’t that what a Target collaboration is for? To offer lower price points from a designer to the masses. It’s not like Lilly Pulitzer is moving into Target permanently. It’s a limited number of items which will probably sell out in the first day. And then never again. I do not see the problem.

I’m a girl who wears labels. I love a designer bag, designer scarf, designer shoes. But I also love to mix a high end designer with something from Target. I own at least 5 Burberry scarves, so I still can love and appreciate a great plaid scarf from Target without screaming it being “low budget knockoff” or that it’s sold to “basics”. I will still pick a Target scarf over a designer one if it goes with my outfit better. I love Louis Vuitton but I also love Target. Does shopping at Target make me low class or a “basic”? No.

I also think it’s awesome that plus sizes are being offered. I was once a plus size so I can understand the importance. I don’t understand why it’s being sold online only though, considering the expanding waist lines of Americans and the need being more prominent than ever for a nice selection of plus size clothing. But they’re also saying since it’s the first time Target has offered plus sizes with a designer collab that they’re “testing the waters”. I can understand that.

Whatever you believe, Lilly Pulitzer is an amazing designer with prints like no one else. And I believe that the same people complaining on social media will be some of the first in line to buy LP for Target on April 19th. So now they can be “basic” and “randoms” like us all, but at least I’ll be a “basic” wearing Lilly. 🙂